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A Must Watch Film About The Truth Of Adolf Hitler

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  • I know hitler wasn’t the demon, the image of the beast( that’s tv portrays him to be)..he was more respectable to god..and his nation..( that’s people folks) than most fat lazy jew worshipping mind controlled judeo deceived moron christian cattle..who believe their free..paying the jew…who their lord jesus Christ called satans children…to be….he was on the right track..his probl;em was..he kept them near him also..and still had to deal with them and their world bank of useray

  • Kori

    It is a great film , The best out there. But it completely leaves out the total ‘Jewish instigation of the war. It supports the notion that Hitler supported the Israeli state, By sending Jews to Palestine along with their money. In Mein Kampf Adolf Hitler was well aware of their plans for Israel, It had nothing to do with a homeland for a jewish people but a place for their criminal organization. It also feeds into the jewish demonization of American whites by slandering the KKK feeding into the jewish anti-white ageanda that the Pro-White Christian group were the evil ones. There is ALOT in this documentary that makes me feel uncomfortable.

    I see a huge problem with documentaries and that is ,Because its called a documentary people beleive %100 of it. I honestly think most documentaries out there have an agenda and deliberately swindle us. Take for example Zeitgeist which talks agaisnt the new world order, But promotes multicultralism, Therefore the documentary actually supports the Jewish world order.