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More Information On Irene In S.A.

(BTW, the video in the last post is made by a Jew which would explain his strange attitude. Checking his other videos you’ll see him with his torah and his yamika on his head praising Israhell. This story could potentially be far worse then we think if the chosenites are reaching at this young, vibrant, innocent, blond girl. I and others are working on getting more information as we go)



This girl (Irene Van Niekerk) is great example to all White people, she lives in poverty in a squatter camp but still she perseveres and has now won over 25 gold medals for long-distance running, in spite of the fact that her feet were badly scolded by boiling water, resulting in several toes being amputated.

Next time you moan about the difficulties you have in life, think of Irene and her family and it should put yours in perspective.

Now that she is located we would need a local contact in her area. Send me an email on the contact page here if you are in the area and help.




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  • Andrew D. Knight

    Very inspiring and heart moving. Is there a way to get help to this young lady and her family being that they live in poverty within a country that wants her and her kin exterminated?