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Prothink Interviewed By Carolyn Yeager January 26, 2013

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  • WaffenSS

    Good one to start back uploading to full length channel :)


  • BuelahMan


    I was torn. I enjoyed virtually everything you said, then I had to listen to the Queen degrade virtually anyone and everyone that I know who is working and learning, just as you said you did (and I am doing now). we a re not all blessed with such a superior knowledge as the Queen is, apparently.

    It was said at one point to trust one’s feelings about certain contacts.

    Mine: you’re in it for the right reasons and have not let the fame go to your head. Carolyn showed herself to be a bitch that I wouldn’t want to associate with.

    Go figure.

    • Golden Dawn Party


      Carolyn has some serious lack of social skills, but she is very knowledgable and trustworthy and a good soldier.

      I don’t write her off because of that. It’s just her weak point and I bet, she feels guilty for being mean at times. She can also be very nice and hospitable though, as she usually is with her guests.

      I just laugh at this little woman, when she bashes big men.

      It was one of the best Carolyn Saturday shows ever and I hope she and Mike work together some more in the future. Their chemnistry is awesome as they have the same kind of humor and objectives. Both are really into it, not just theoretically.

      • BuelahMan

        Hi GDP,

        I appreciate all the comments I read from you at various mutual hangouts.

        I understand that Ms Yeager is knowledgeable and have linked to her work several times at my place. Until this interview, the only time I have listened to her was when Deanna Spingola had her on (I believe that was where I heard her) and she did not take that self-assigned superiority stance with her. Personally, the difference in Carolyn’s demeanor and Deanna’s is vast (I truly enjoy listening to Deanna and I feel she is one of the most knowledgeable all-around voices one could learn from). I doubt I ever listen to Carolyn again.

        Who gave Carolyn the mantle she takes for herself? I mean, for God’s sake, she sounded like every damned Jew I ever met. Full of herself, lashing out at the ones learning, suggesting it is her job to go around and correct people.

        I happen to know two or three of the people she belittled and as far as I am concerned, I’d rather know I am learning from them, than a self-sanctified, blow hard.

        That is what made me take notice of Mr Delaney. It seemed that he picked up on it over a mutual friend, John Friend, and said something to defend him and where he is in his learning curve. She would not have it. Hail the Queen!

        I recently made a terrible error, mixing up people who use “zion” in their names, by calling ZCF a half-Jew (when I meant ‘Mask of Zion’s Azazziah). Mike didn’t blast me, but did correct me. It was very much appreciated (and I apologized). I wonder how Yeager would have approached it.

        I am 51 and still learning, but certainly not stupid. I make mistakes and so does everyone else (Mr Delaney said as much in the interview). He tried to belay this woman’s constant belittlement of my friends and those I respect. He did so, even when on her show.

        I have a new respect for him and have lost a good deal I had for her.

        I’ll be following the work here much more closely from now on.

        PS: my blog is geared towards the “rednecks” in the deep south (of which I consider myself). Most are Christian Zionists, so I try to take smaller steps with them (Mike also eluded to audience focus in the interview). But, as of late, I have turned on the heat.

        Its time to wake up the rednecks, too.

        • James

          Well everyone has their own nature and character, and Yeager’s is more strict and Hard edged, but that doesn’t mean that her ideas and any of her information are irrelevant. I mean you can’t blame her if she’s suspicious over John Friend, I mean look How many Clowns and Opportunist (like the Rense Crew and Rivero) are involved in this “Movement”.
          I mean I also thought that interview John did with Jim Condit was kinda Bad and he basically just stood there with weak arguments for most of the time, except for one of his callers who brought up the issue of Dunkirk in which John himself Had NO idea about.

          Well anyway Great interview Mike! hopefully you do another interview with ZCF soon as well.

  • ray

    Mike, Thanks for 911 missing links,This was the one video that open my eyes and got me to stop listening to Savage,Hannity,Rush,Alex or fox etc for some fake info, Everybody has some real info but if it has some lies in it like the so called Nazi problem and never ever the real nasty Jewish problem that still exist, Than you can not expect Me to keep supporting the dumb asses, I bought some of Mike Sava– at the Sav— Nat— books and I would like my money back from that Jew lover that He is, This was before I saw the 911 missing links video, I bet if someone bulldozed his radio studio down in Cali or Florida or smash his yacht you would end up shot, But it seems to be OK for Israel to constantly bulldoze houses down that DO NOT BELONG TO THEM W.T.F and steal money from the american tax payers to buy the GUNS,BOMBS,MISSILES,and F16 fighter jets etc, to kill What is it going to take to wake up the masses another 911, Because trust Me if you let Them They will do another false flag bombing and blame Iran, so we can go to war again for the RICH ASS JEWISH BANKERS and friends, And more Americans get killed overseas. I do not watch TV at all. The HELL with all the F ing lies on your TV Americans. Anyway I had to vent a little you think this is bad do not get Me started . but Thanks again Mike Dalan for all your hard work and research to get the truth out, I will do my best to help. Your web sites are were best!!!! I was suspecting an inside GOV problem with 911 from the day it happen. It took 911 missing links video for any of this Shit to make any sense whatsoever thanks , I first saw it Dec 2012

  • Chris

    Around the 45 minute make she was referring to Keith from TM and Keith from TUT. They are most certainly not the same person. She was thinking that Keith Johnson from TUT – who also writes for AFP – was the same Keith as on TM.

  • Bob

    Henry en-stead complaining like a wuss, If you think Mike and Yeager are so not-legit why don’t you go out and do something better, go put out something “legit”. Yes, Yeager (a great historian) is very up-tight but what relevant work have you ever done except bitch about her being a Jew! To all the people who are butt-hurt over this interview, listen, SHUT THE HELL UP AND IF YOU DON’T LIKE SOMEONE, GO OUT AND PUT SOMETHING BETTER EN-STEAD OF CRYING LIKE A BUNCH OF BABIES!

  • Dr. Bruno

    Great discussion. One point which I haven’t heard Mike or ZCF address is the Jewish homeland located in Russia since 1928. Why do Jews need two homelands? The Jewish Autonomous Region of Birobidjan is legitimate and has existed for over 80 years! Why isn’t this being discussed and used as leverage against them to get them out of palestine and the middle east? I look forward to others attitudes about this JAR.