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A New Dawn: Internet Fascism Rises

Heil Hitler!

Heil Hitler!

There is a new movement emerging from the flaming wreckage of the alleged “Truth Movement.” After having been led through a maze of dribbling and morbid gibberish by the likes of Alex Jones, David Icke, Webster Tarpley, Adam Kokesh, Mike Rivero, Alan Watt, the Loose Change Jews, the We Are Change Jews and the rest of the endless mob of degenerate liars who claim to speak the truth for the sole purpose of leeching money from the masses of good-hearted but confused people of the world while serving their Jew masters, a group of people has begun to emerge on the other side of the search for truth.

We have found the truth.  We have found the light.  We have found Adolf Hitler.

And we are the future.


Total Fascism is a new site, but we adhere to an old idea: that all severe social, political and economic turmoil stems from the International Jew, and that the solution to this is to rise up with bold words and inspire fervent nationalism as a defense against this evil infestation.

We, as others on the web, also differ from the various “Neo-Nazi” movements, who are in large part made up of drunken idiots, who appear to lump the blacks and Arabs – two groups with which we share a common enemy – with the Jew, and thus destroy any real chance we have of presenting a unified global front against this international plot against all people.  Most of these groups appear to be founded and run by Jews.

Today, I would like to go through and give a nod of appreciation to those who other heroes who fight on the front lines beside us.

Note that this is a limited list, I am simply listing off a few of the sites that I am presently keeping up with.  I plan to do more of these lists in the future, as one of the goals of this site is to encourage cooperation and unity in our emerging movement.

Zion Crime Factory

ZCF has thoroughly annihilated  the sickening lies of the Holohoax confirmer, Hitler denier and general Jew-lover Alex Jones.

ZCF has thoroughly annihilated the sickening lies of the Holohoax confirmer, Hitler denier and general Jew-lover Alex Jones.

ZCF is certainly on the front lines.  His essays and articles are among the best and most honest and directly worded Hitler confirmation and Holocaust denial on the internet.  He is inspiring thousands of (mostly young, white) people to reconsider their anti-Hitler brainwashing, and has gonestraight for the throat of Alex Jones, putting together such a fantastic response to the lies he tells that any person who reads it could never take him seriously again, even if they tried.

I also appreciate that he is not totally serious all the time, and will take the time to have a laugh and stir up some drama with some of the shills out there feeding people misinformation.  This is not to say that calling out the shills is not serious business, but he tends to do this with a dry humor that is very entertaining.  This is heavy material we deal with, and we must remember not to be too serious, or we may go insane.

Jewish Problem

One thing I really like about JP is the author's solidarity with all people's who are suffering under brutal Jewish oppression.

One thing I really like about JP is the author’s solidarity with all people’s who are suffering under brutal Jewishoppression.

This is a site that most certainly holds nothing back.  It is very enjoyable to read, and is written with inspiring passion.  The author is quite devoted, sometimes making more than five posts a day.  He recently published a reader’s letter, where his site was compared to Der Stürmer, and I would have to concur with this sentiment.

I greatly appreciate the way he addresses the race issue, acknowledging that the races have a right to live separately, but also showing respect and compassion for the people of other races suffering under what he refers to as “brutal Jewish occupation.”

The one criticism I have of this site is that it could in fact be too hardcore.  I do not think, at this juncture, it is advisable to have our movement associated with what will inevitably be deemed “terrorist acts,” and it seems that JP could be coming a little bit too close to what could be perceived as “promoting terrorism”;  I hope he doesn’t run into any legal troubles over this. Nonetheless, I respect the fact that he is using an approach which he believes to be appropriate in his writings.

We were very honored to get a link on JP today, though I feel “where no Jew will be left alive” could be slightly too extreme.  I believe the cult of Judaism needs to be made illegal, but I think Adolf Hitler’s solution of interning Jews in camps is the most valid way of dealing with the Jewish problem, lest we take on the barbarism of our enemies.  I also think mass sterilization is worthy of consideration though.

John Friend

I hereby nominate John Friend as the Minister of Propaganda and Public Enlightenment of the Forth Reich.

I hereby nominate John Friend as the Minister of Propaganda and Public Enlightenment of the Forth Reich.

I recently wrote a piece about John Friend, dealing with a series of interviews he did investigating British Israelism.  He is an intelligent and compassionate man, and his articles are consistently of the highest quality.  His radio show with the Truth Militia guys is excellent, and I am hoping it gets bumped up to more than once a week.

I have not a single bad word to say about John Friend.  When we take back America through Fascist revolution, he must be put in charge of something very important.

Carolyn Yeager

Hanna Reitsch was a strong and yet still feminine German woman, who I learned about from Carolyn Yeager.

Hanna Reitsch was a strong and yet still feminine German woman who I learned aboutfrom Carolyn Yeager.

One of two brave females in the rising Holocaust Denial/Hitler confirmation movement, Carolyn Yeager has some of the most in-depth articles available, giving detailed analysis of specific lies told by the alleged “survivors” of the hoax, as well as critiques of the official Jewish party line regarding the eternal hero, inspiration and spiritual figurehead of our people, Adolf Hitler.

Proving that strength and intelligence and femininity are in no way incompatible, she is a real woman who cares about the things that nature has designed women to care about: children and family.  She has a specific section on her site devoted to these topics.  We must remember that it is only the Jews who forced this degrading and unnatural concept of feminism on the white race.

Along with her personal page, she has a site specifically devoted to crushing the most infamous holo-hoaxer of all, Elie Wiesel, where she exposes this filthy rat’s lies in much more detail than is at all necessary.  She also has a radio show, The Heretics’ Hour, on The White Network.  Her strength is surely her writing, but the show is endearing, and I encourage people to check it out.  She often has some very funny people on there.

Truth Militia

It is the working man and his family that are the heart and soul of any society.

It is the working man and his family that are the heart and soul of any society.

Among my present favorite two hours of radio is Truth Militia with Rich and Keith.  Though I don’t agree with everything they say – I feel they could be a little bit too hard on black people, who have gotten just as bad a deal from the Jews as we have – they are real and sharp and open to new ideas.  I particularly appreciate the populist approach, and their attacks on the present state of the alternative movement, which they accurately depict as wholly disconnected from the core population.

The old “patriot” capitalist free-market movement is totally useless to anyone who is of any use; intellectual conservationism is a joke; who the free market message of the likes of Alex Jones is even designed to cater to is completely unclear. Rich and Keith correctly identify the whites who sympathize with the capitalist message as having taken on the Jewish ideology of using money to exploit other people.  What we need is what Hitler had, which was a populist movement of workers in solidarity with an intellectual class which is loyal to the ideals of unity in society.  There is nothing more disgusting to me than seeing the likes of Jones defend the millionaire upper middle class of America, who have made their millions off of the blood, sweat and tears of the working man.

The old “free market conservative capitalism” model of American patriotism clearly needs to be trashed completely, replaced with a socialist model which speaks directly to the core of American society, which is the working man.  I feel that Rich and Keith are headed in exactly the right direction.

John Friend does his show under the Truth Militia banner as well, and they have recently added a guy named Dana whose show I listened to recently and agreed with basically everything he said (except his not wanting to use the swastika; I want swastikas and gigantic posters of Hitler everywhere – though I believe we could create our own flag, and probably shouldn’t be wearing SS uniforms in the streets; at least not yet).


Prothink is against all the same things we are.

Prothink is against all the same things we are.

Mike Delaney has been putting out information for probably a decade, and has refined his approach over the years.  Though I have had some disagreements with various people he worked with in the past, at present there is very little which I would disagree with him on.  He is running a network of sites which includes ZCF and Jewish Problem, as well as his own site. On top of this, he’s put up a comprehensive video archive site, which features many videos which have been banned from youtube, and produced the now classic film exposing Jewish involvement in the September 11th attacks, 9/11: Missing Links.

He recently produced a short video dissecting the stats of the various anti-Jewish websites based on Alexa rankings which I found very interesting.  Particularly interesting were the very high stats of the Jewish Anti-Jew, Brother Nathanial.  I thought Mike’s comments on his popularity were very good: he said that people have a psychological malfunction where they feel they need Jewish permission to criticize Jews, and I have witnessed this myself, with many white people who start to criticize Jews pointing to “Jews Against Zionism” or some other seemingly reasonable Jewish group as if to alleviate their own guilt.  This is disgusting, and should stop.  This is a race which is sucking our blood, and we don’t need their permission to stand up for ourselves.

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani

Why is his show on so early in the morning?

Why is his show on so early in the morning?

Before two days ago, the last time I had heard Charles Giuliani was probably six or seven years ago, back when he was on RBN.  At that time, he was mainly talking about “Zionists”, doing something comparable to what Darryl Smith does, except with a much less annoying voice.  So even though I’d heard a lot about his Oracle show recently, I hadn’t bothered to listen to him (most of the shows on that network are completely useless, so I don’t pass through that way very often).  Sunday, he was on John Friend’s Truth Militia broadcast, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that he was much more hardcore than I had remembered, realistic and serious about the race issue.  He also had some very provocative thoughts about ancient history, something that I’m personally very interested in.

His take on religion I am totally sympathetic with, and it was fascinating to listen to.  I personally do not have any ties to Christianity, but also find this evolutionist perspective to be ridiculous and stupid, having about as much scientific evidence supporting it as a man with a beard making us from clay.  I find that a lot of people in this movement share this perspective, which probably indicates something positive.

Deanna Spingola

Deanna has written some very long books.

Deanna has written some very long books.

The second of the two anti-Jew and pro-Hitler female internet activists I am aware of is Deanna Spingola.  She has a show on RBN, and is the only person on this list who is on one of the two big “patriot” networks.  She will probably get kicked off eventually, regrettably, because she so hardcore.

She has a very kind and engaging interview style, and is highly intelligent.  My one criticism is that she appears to be sucked in to some of the mainstream Alex Jones-style goofy propaganda, as I have heard her mention a belief in “chemtrails” and some of the other silly and unfounded beliefs of the cartoonish mainstream “conspiracy theorists.”

I have not read her books, but the essays on her site are well written and very well sourced, so I’d imagine the books are the same.

Coming Together

There are issues I have with some of these people, some of which I mentioned, but they are ultimately frivolous complaints in the face of the overall level of agreement.  It is imperative that anyone who agrees with us on the issue that we are a distinct people, with a distinct heritage and a right to exist, and that our eternal enemy is the Jew, must necessary be an ally.

I personally believe that this principle applies to all peoples of all nations, not just the white nations, and this is a view that I hope will catch on with other people in this movement.  I fully understand that when you first realize that you are a race, with a heritage and an identity, and that you are under the threat of extinction, that it is difficult to not to go into complete reactionary mode and desire simply to support the interests of your own people.  However, it is in the interests of our people to ally with those of other races who also have a desire to free themselves from the yolk of the international Jewish masters of the world.  I support nationalism and pride for all peoples, for we all have distinct and meaningful heritages.

Despite the petty differences, it is clear that a new movement is well underway, which disregards not only the nonsense of the mainstream Jewish-dominated culture, but also the nonsense that we have been fed by the alternative media.  This list attests to the fact that this movement is wholly organic in nature.  Everyone I have mentioned here is a completely real person, devoted to a cause not for money, but for the sake of justice and the honor of our people.

Fascism is the obvious place for anyone who sets off on the journey for truth to end up.

Hail Victory.



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  • soandso

    Charles Giuliani’s full of it, he believes Cains father was Adam and that blows Christian Identity out of the water, and it means nothing regardless of who Cains father is, that fact that Cain race mixed with non Adamic people is the same result either way, and he quotes from the NIV, he misinterprets the misinterpretations.

    • soandso

      …not to mention Giuliani’s critical of C.I. of believing something that Jews believe themselves. Why don’t he go after the Jews for believing and teaching themselves that they are the children of Satan in their synagogue’s? Here’s a better idea for Charles Giuliani, rather than have a debate with a Christian Identity preacher, have it with a Jewish Rabbi and tell him that his seed isn’t through Cain and that their fathers name isn’t Lucifer. Make the Jews have a debate on somebody else’s terms for a change.

  • soandso

    Another thing on Giuliani is he quoted Jesus as saying ” I did not come except only unto the lost sheep of Israel” to a Samaritan woman when Jesus said it to a freaking Cainanite, it was the woman at the well that was the Samaritan woman, a descendant of Jacob… not a Jewess either!

    • soandso

      Jewess is code for Canaanite, her sons are jews.

  • soandso

    …and he tries to back his stuff up by saying he went to seminary school. WTF? He’s a another clown, he probably works for Jew Eli James.

  • soandso

    I got news for the ADL and the rest of you Jew basturd race, the blood of 200,000,000 Christians is on your hands over the last 200 years, we are back and we are pissed off! Regards, Corneliu Codreanu!

  • Dave

    I’m confused: who are the Jews we are supposed to be blaming? What I mean by that, is who SPECIFICALLY is judged to be a ‘bad’ Jew (assuming not all are bad). Jews come from different races, ethnicities, and speak different languages etc., so I see no unified group of people who I can identify as “the Jews”. I understand the House of Rothschld runs the world, and it is satanic – the “Synagogue of Satan” is about them, and a proper title for that book IMO. The self-described Jews who rise to the top of the pyramid of power are what I consider bad Jews, although I think they are satanic. The Talmud and Kabbala are their holy books – they are not “True Torah” Jews who use the Bible – Michael Hoffman calls them Judaics and Talmudists, which seems more accurate. Zionism I understand – the House of Rothschild created both Zionism and the Zionist state of Israel, which is obviously not really a “Jewish State” despite the propaganda. Most Jewish people I know are not zionist, and most zionists are not Jewish – there are far more Christian Zionists than Jewish zionists. It isn’t just Zionism that’s the problem, it’s also the Jewish Mafiya, which is largely secular and spread all over the world. I understand that there is a cabal of Judaics hiding behind all Jewish people, and eventually they will disappear and let the honest honorably Jews get blamed. The Jews who rise to the top of the pyramid of power are generally disgusting, ugly, criminal creatures who most Jewish people I know despise, yet all Jews get blamed for what the satanic elite Judaics do. It seems illogical to blame “the Jews” as a whole, or even most Jews, yet I see that happening. The Nazis were full of Jews, and Homosexual, and drug addicts, in fact many Nazis were Jewish homosexual drug addicts – they were just as corrupts as the other side of the political spectrum (Bolsheviks, Zionists, Communists). The Nazis, or National Socialists if you prefer, were created by the House of Rothschild, the same satanic cabal that created Israel – Hitler is like the father of Israel. I highly respect Michael Hoffman’s research, he is another Jew who converted to Christianity (Catholic I think): his interview by brother Nathaniel is very good, and Alex Jones did a good interview with Hoffman too (when AJ could keeph his mouth shut), which convinced me Alex Jones is not really a shill after all, but I could be wrong. I know my opinions expressed above won’t be popular here, but they are the truth as I believe it at this point. I’ll change my mind if anybody has information proving otherwise…? I’ve been researching this stuff for a long time, and just trying to learn the truth.

    • Prothink

      Jew dna is the ultimate problem.

      • Anonymous

        More like an inherited ideology/pattern of behavior that is adopted by the child after it is born.

        Can anyone on here take 10 blood samples handed to him and pick out the vials that are from a “Jew?”


        If an adult human self-identifies as a “Jew,” then that person is a “Jew.”

        End of discussion.

        • John E

          Can you take 10 vials of blood of a Whiteman and a Chinese and look at it and see whose who? Exactly.
          It sounds like you are confusing jews with faggits.

    • soandso

      The kaballah is a rewrite of The Book of Zohar. The book of Zohar is considered white supremacist by Jews, when Jews read the kaballah they warn each other that it causes them to go on killing sprees. Good luck finding the book of Zohar, the original, and a white book according to jews.

  • Anonymous

    The above article ended:

    “Fascism is the obvious place for anyone who sets off on the journey for truth to end up.”

    What an Anti-American conclusion.

    Long live the American Individual!