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Asian Guy Talks about White Genocide!

A shame this non-white is on the internet speaking to this issue when most whites who know are afraid to speak up about it…



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  • Konrad Rhodes

    Funny! of course I couldn’t help laughing! Reminds me of a South Korean and Over-seas Chinese woman I knew in college. I can’t help liking Koreans, Han Chinese, and, by far, the Japanese some of whom even posit that they are actually White: NSJAP. But I still see the obvious, and this has been terribly obvious since the time of the Boxer Rebellion. The Asians, particularly the Chinese, have an instinctive hatred for Whites, with the sole exceptional case being, again, the Japanese though in their special relationship also have voiced and promoted Anti-White racism such as the goal of empowering mainland Mestizos and Blacks to help overthrow White America during the Pacific War. Though I admit my knowledge on this is limited and one can easily point to the Japanese strong love for and adoption of German, originally Prussian, French and general European cultural traits and practices. But I won’t digress further.
    Interesting video but I basically think, like the ‘self-hating’ Jews, it is much more powerful in attracting the interest of newbies when it is a non-white talking about White Genocide. You may be right about the soft or slow-sell, Southern Gentleman salesmanship to be kinder, but I just can’t pull it off anymore. I tend to think that there need to be more hard salesmen who will fly the swastika or the Garda de Fier or the Fascist Flag or other Axis nation flags proudly. I am not sure how true this is but if you pull the political spectrum far to the “extreme” the opposition even gets pulled your way a bit in these soft times but you can just as likely polarize your opposition but in that case you get ready for war and you are more likely and more quickly to gather around your vanguard any compatriots with any sense sjof national and racial identity left thus inspiring them to take action. I’m not opposed to soft-sell strategy entirely I just tend to think that in these times of gross deception and greasiness that soft-selling will ultimately back fire most of the time, afterall not too many people like salesmen because they are seen as disingenuous. But maybe I am just being simplistic and subconsciously trying to avoid the complex and difficult tasks required which will involve a lot of hard work and complex human relations on several levels necessitating truly committed ‘missionaries’ in a social-political sense. Still I was soft-sold for a long time and it was only when I found out how terribly and disgustingly I’ve been lied to. To find out that the Jewish method of war, KILL and BURN EVERYONE, was all over the handiwork of the Allied “good guys” notably in Dresden, Hamburg and other German towns as well as Japanes towns and cities such as Tokyo which was bombed after the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But I also don’t want to forget about Hungary, Bulgaria, and a spat of other allied atrocities which we are lied about to this day which were so disgusting that you are either in denial or Jew yourself to defend and excuse them. I was hard sold by a Neo-Nazi who was polite and couteous but never wavered. So I guess I am biased toward the hard sale.
    thanks for your time if you read this far.
    Sorry if you didn’t like this: but this Asian guy does not see what is being geared up for: the KILLING and BURNING, REAL HOLOCAUSTING of the dwindling White Minority in this world! WAKE UP!

    • Therapsid

      For f*ck’s sake the guy says about as much as can be expected considering he’s not promoting his own self-interest, at least not directly.

      The truth is, only Jews are deceitful in these matters. Jews will parade as fake white nationalists in order to distract white people’s attention, but an Asian dude like this, if he says the truth, he’s honestly come upon it with no ulterior motive.

      • linda

        ALLLLL of the Races are gloating that they are going to Conquer Whitey.

        The White Societys have fed, clothed and educated the entire Heathen world.

        They have created every Human Advancement the world has ever had, built every ecomony
        and wealth the world has ever had.
        Everything the dark races ever had or ever will have has come FROM THE WHTIE SOCIETYS.
        THEY KNOW AND ENVY THAT. They cannot create. And the ycannot figure WHY? Why have they been given White mans, skills, jobs, citizenship?
        They are driven by GREED and DEPRAVITY to sack the White Societys. So, they are figuring that they will dominate by population in a few years. God has another Plan.

        In 20 years, whites will be one of 4 of their own societys – DO THESE TERMITES UNDERSTAND WHAT THE REAL PICTURE HERE IS?????
        They are being used by the Communist Jew, to destroy christian, White Republics.
        What they dont know is, when the whites have been diminished, so will the prospertiy they
        brought!!!!!! This prosperity if only offered as long as the White Man remains in Control of
        his nation. And when he doesnt, this Prosperity is going to CEASE!
        Its going to turn back into the shit holes these Termites came from!
        Ezk 5 says, that 2/3 the inhabitiants will die of famine and disease.
        That could ONLY be the Termite population that have dominated the White Society.
        There is a huge operation of chastizing going on here on the Christian White nations by the Holy God of the Universe.

  • Ben G.

    6:48 <— hahahaha now that's fucking funny

  • RebelPete