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Jewish Chess Champion: “Millions of Jews should be executed…”


Every once in while nature throws a curve ball, the nurture hits just right, and you end up with a Bobby Fischer. He is certainly an exception to the rule when it comes to Jews. Surely some will have some type of justifiable criticize but these same will never admit that it was a Jew who spread more awareness then most of us could possibly say we have done.

Jews certainly have no problem highlighting all of our traitorous people (or blacks, arabs, etc) in our faces we shouldn’t hide that some of their own turncoat on them as well.

I explained recently in a video I did highlighting the submissiveness of those beginning to learn about this ordeal we have with these parasites. It is some kind of baggage or flaw in most of us that have had so many years of pro-Jewish brainwashing that when we hear otherwise we tend to want to hear it from the same type of the people who told of otherwise. In this aspect it is strategically beneficial to highlight the Nathaniel Kapners, Bobby Fischers, Benjamin Freedmans, Otto Weiningers , David Coles, etc. However We most never let down our guard and also NEVER let a Jew lead the dissent on the Jewish conspiracy for that would be utterly foolish.

Some of us who are at a high awareness of these issues forget that (true for most of us) we came out of ignorance ourselves to these issues and if someone would have came along and blasted a swazi and “SIEG HEIL” some of you would have probably ran off to the ADL yourselves. We forget how much of a trance type brainwashing people have. This is not some special club that makes you smarter than the goyim sheep, this is survival. A lot of you already have a PhD in jew-crime investigation but you forget how to speak to people who haven’t even hit the kindergarten of these issues. This is partly why I advocate people flowing into the Alex Jones-type patriotard camps because some of the hard work is already done, all you have to do is put a face to the “globalists” and debunk the anti-Nazi BS and you’re golden. I have had a high success at getting people to understand the Jew issue with these tactics.

Don’t forget to download and burn copies of the DVD on the side of the website. Some have asked if I could make a ‘softer’ version and as such I am working on that in the background among many other projects.

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  • Konrad Rhodes

    I’ve watched this before and it has good graphics accompanying the audio. Since you mentioned the ‘real jew’ Brother Nathaniel I just want to caution anyone reading that as much as I like and agree with a lot of what he talks about in his recent vids he is NOT a good example of a Russian Orthodox monk. Any Jew who wants to be Russian Orthodox has to cease not only being Jewish entirely but is required to disavow and condemn that accursed race. There is a reason that every Jew I have read about who became a Russian Orthodox monk is virtually unknown to even most Russian Orthodox christians: NO legitimate Russian Orthodox Christian convert advertised or identified themselves with that group which they have left. No Orthodox Christian would ever call themselves ‘real pagans’ or ‘real German’ etc. I recall reading an essay published post-humously written by a Russian Orthodox monk who belonged to the breakaway Anti-Communist ROCOR group when it was still faithful to Tradition. His name, Constantine Zaitsev, yet it was only by chance that I found out he was born a Jew. REAL Russian Orthodox monks are not gossipy and clownish and live in solitude in monasteries devoted to work and prayer. Anyone who looks into the gossip Brother Nathaniel started out with online can see what I am writing about. I don’t want to represent myself as a moral parragon or a great Russian Orthodox Christian but I feel I should warn anyone reading with any interest at all in Orthodoxy that Brother Nathaniel is not a good example of Russian Orthodox Monasticism. It should be obvious that it is rather queer that a man choose to become a monk, which means to be dead to the world, joins a strict traditionalist group but then, inexplicably breaks with Tradition so blatantly!? I don’t hate the man and I hope that he has changed for the better recently but still all real monks I have ever known spend literally decades in virtual silence in submission and obedience to an elder monk who guides them in the life of strict poverty, work and prayer. Only when called upon and ordered to do any real monks ever become in any way public figures and even then it is usually when they’ve reached old age and have some wisdom to offer. But again I am certainly no saint and have plenty of faults of my own. Just be warned.

  • soandso

    He was the last man that could have redeemed the jew to be judged individually, but they killed him! The good Jews are all dead now, by the hand of the jew. So be it!

  • Lasher

    Bobby Fischer converted to some Christian religion years ago. I believe it was Christian Science, but that could be wrong.