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Update on possible theory:


Some other news agencies are trying to claim JT Ready did the shooting and killed himself but anyone who knows of JT Ready and the situation in AZ knows this to be completely false. We’ll keep you posted on details but for the meantime.


Here is a recent video of JT Ready:



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  • Hahnukka

    If you watch his recent video that prothink posted you will know why he was set-up for a murder/suicide. They knew this kind of atrocity would destroy his image, but more importantly this makes anyone with his beliefs look like a lunatic. These kikes are skeeming on a daily basis, they do this all the time.

  • Mike

    JT Ready’s vocal skills in answering questions and identifying the Kike were amazing. Running for a powerful position like Sheriff is what the Kike could not have happen. He truly was one of our best future leaders.

    • Albert

      The hard hitting things he said is what made their blood boil, listen to what he says at 5:25 about the meth, chemical warfare and labs, he was talking about the kikes multi-billion dollar drug trade. Anyone who talks about that especially on fox news is a dead man walking.

    • Albert

      ” A lot of that is coming from across the border from the super-labs.” Here he talks about the meth that is shipped in by the ton from the Netherlands, they use the Dutch Navy’s fleet to transport it across our border without creating suspicion, just exposing something that sensitive about their criminal empire would be cause for elimination, everything here stinks of foul play, I mean why would he shoot the baby too? We all know the kikes are the ONLY baby killers in this cosmos.

    • Joel

      I don’t know this man (JT) personally. I just got done reading everything I could find concerning him. I’ve also seen his videos. I don’t believe this man killed those people and himself. Who kills like that – especially a toddler? I’m sorry, but I think America as you / I know it, is almost dead. I’ve read much about the planned destruction of America and many other Countries. A friend once asked me “Why do they want so much control and to kill us?” My answer was – They want a one world communist Government and we stand in their way.

  • Fafen

    You, people Do not understand is that MAJORITY, WHITEYS are totally debilitated worse than sheep, mentality. No pride, no dignity. There is not such a bird as “Western” civilisation but only WHITE = Greeko Roman civilisation. Even you, White Americans who see that Whites (not FKN “Western”) are both delusional and suicidal, talk mantra about “Western” civilisation and still even do not comprehend that USA is one party dictatorship. PARTY OF PLUTOCRACY. (Sorry, you are forbidden to learn anything about Hellenic civilisation, Science, PHILOSOPHY). Just continue staring in your electronic bolshevik aka Televitz 24h/day

  • James25

    There’s a link on there at the top of the page which apparently is the search warrant that was served on JT Ready’s house the day of the shootings.
    The points HAC raises are also interesting.