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The Madoff Case

Adolf, Churchhill, FDR, and Stalin breakdown

To the best of my knowledge, I’d have to say this is the most accurate representation of of the four, including Adolf.

Anti-Semitism floods Internet

Good signs…

The Jews Worst Nightmare

Nazis and Muslims united against the Jew… Again…

Thus they salute
The "peace loving" Fatah # 1
The "peace loving" Fatah # 2
The "moderate" Palestinian Authority # 1
The "moderate" Palestinian Authority # 2
Palestinian "freedom fighters"
The Lebanese "resistance" # 2

A best seller in the Arab world

An Arabic translation of Hitler’s Mein Kampf distributed by Al-Shurouq, a Ramallah based book distributor, to East Jerusalem and other PA territories in 2003

A best seller in the Arab world

Jews Still Trying Screw Over Good Germans

It seems that the Jews still have to try their best to bend over good ol fashioned Germans. Still amazes me Germany hasn’t risen up again with a vengeance for all the trash they have had to endure.

Billionaire BMW heiress embroiled in extraordinary Nazi sex scandal

And Germans recently had to endure yet another ban, on what? The Celtic Cross…
Exerpt from WikiJews:
“Because the Celtic cross was adopted by a prohibited neo-Nazi party, its public display in Germany was banned under the federal criminal code, as part of legislation designed to forestall any revival of Nazism.”

And lets forget that Mein Kampf, Swastika, and saying less than 6 million little stinky Jews didn’t die in the holohoax is banned in Germany as well.

Happy Hanukkah! lol

They are having a great party in our nation’s white house celebrating the fact that they have gotten away with some of the greatest crimes against us and recently raped all of us for trillions and NONE of them have even been confronted publicly let alone have some justice dealt upon them for what they have done. Nope, they are sitting around laughing at you while you are getting lay offed, losing your 401k’s, poison yourselves with their filth, etc. And the best part about it is they will keep doing it because all you’ll do is keep crying like babies and never do anything about it.

Prothink Radio Live Wednesday Night Edition

Good show once again. Next scheduled show will happen Saturday.

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Call ID: 16999

Ex-CIA Ray Mcgovern Speaks About The USS Liberty and Israel

When is the last time you spoke in public about the USS Liberty?

Mike, Scott, GP, And Quest Show Download

This is the cleaned and chopped version of the 2 hour radio interview from Dec 13th, 2008. The original version had lots of tech difficulties and this one does not now.

Click here to play online:

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Next show scheduled for Wednesday December 17, 2008 @ 9:00pm Central

Guests and topics will be announced soon.

Here is the show page: Click Here for Prothink Radio

Photo Speaks For Itself

Thanks Sherif!