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The Label 'Jew'

Jewish Sacrifice Of Gentile Babies

And a similar ritual:

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This was the first time Prothink & Khanverse met and worked together.
Khanverse has a forum that has excellent topics and debates with like minded people here:

WeAreChange Drops The Ball Again Thanks To Their Fearless Leader

What a crock of BS. Heres what Prothink would have done:

“Hi Mr Cameron. I want to thank you for reporting on thee best mainstream news clip showing all the clues that pointed to Israeli involvement into 9/11 and we support you and REALLY understand WHO (Zionists Jews – and their puppets) did 9/11 and want these criminals tried in court. We are not a bunch of dumb goons who blame this all on the puppet Bush & Co and realize that he is just a blackmailed puppet (Franklin Cover up?). Your report alone woke up a lot of people and whatever we can do to support you in doing more exposing of this criminal network, consider it done.”

No, instead PUKE wanted to BS the guy and not tip any hand at understanding what they were trying to do when they dropped that bombshell on mainstream news. This is the same reason we lost prosecuting attorney Kevin DiGregory on the AIPAC trial because of lack of support and a bunch of people who don’t acknowledge who this criminal network is. GREAT JOB!, not. This could have been handled far better. I suggest people send emails to Cameron saying we support more news reports like this one instead of harassing him like the enemy. Here is Cameron’s report that we should be thanking him for:
You could have given him this great video here:

Interviews done by Prothink Regarding WeAreChange:
Khanverse And Prothink Discuss Luke’s attempted censorship of Prothink from other WeAreChange Branches:
Prothink interviews NYC Firefighter Paul Isaac about WeAreChange leadership and Loose Change kids stealing material from first responders:

Prothink Interviews Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

Click Here To Go To Interview Page:

Do You Know About Kosher Tax?

Here are 2 of the larger kosher tax companies here:

(The symbol of the ‘U’ or ‘U’ inside of a circle)
The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations (OU)
11 Broadway, New York, NY 10004
Phone; (212) 613-8241; Fax: (212) 564-9058
Rabbinic Administrator: Rabbi Menachem Genack

(symbol with a ‘K’ in triangle or circle)
The Organized Kashrus Laboratories (O/K)
391 Troy Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11213
Phone: (718) 756-7500; Fax: (718) 756-7503
Rabbinic Administrator: Rabbi Don Yoel Levy

Average 120 Iraqi Vet Suicides Each WEEK! Thanks Israel For YOUR Wars.

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The Israeli origins of Bush II's war

One Man Can Change The Day, lol……………….